Staff Listing

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Pre K – 4th Grade
Pre-K AM Emily Martin
Pre-K Full Day Meredith Glass
Kindergarten Nicole Carr
Kindergarten Chris Regan
Kindergarten Shelli Deckert
1st Grade Robin Nugent
1st Grade Amy Brown
1st Grade Elizabeth Vocke
2nd Grade Joyce Dlugose
2nd Grade Lisa Nolan
2nd Grade Joelle Pursell
3rd Grade Alison Wilt
3rd Grade Laurie Hughes
3rd Grade Cathy O’Rourke
4th Grade Deb Croasdale
4th Grade Jill Conti
4th Grade Amber Lazier

5th – 8th Grade
5th Grade Janet Huber
5th Grade Rosemary Martin
5th Grade Tracy Kephart
6th Grade Jacqueline Martoccia
6th Grade Lindsey Brychta
6th Grade Christine Haffling
6th Grade Irene Fennell
7th Grade Melanie Byrne
7th Grade Stephanie Kane
7th Grade Laura Burke
7th Grade Darren Rogers
8th Grade Sandra Ozgar
8th Grade Deborah Zdepski Iobst
8th Grade Sarah Tainow
8th Grade Carrie Grundhauser
8th Grade Kelly Hedlund
8th Grade 8th Grade Team Page
Encore Subjects
Enrichment Stephanie Bacskai
Art Tom Welsh
Art Megan Monti
Music, Instrumental Kevin Kuchinsky
Music, Vocal Craig Lerch
Library Teacher Christine Detrick
Physical Education Alan Schedlbauer
Physical Education Betsy Nush
Physical Education Thomas Plasson
Special Education
Special Education Aide Kathy Dermody
Special Education Aide Louis DelRosso
Special Education Aide Tracy Bellini
Special Education Aide Eileen Bertolotti
Special Education Aide Jill Boethig
Special Education Aide Cindy Butler
Special Education Aide Sylvia Donaldson
Special Education Aide Deborah Flood
Special Education Aide Jean Collaro
Special Education Aide Sherri Karcher
Special Education Aide Phyllis Martin-Borrero
Special Education Aide Marilou Patullo
Special Education Aide Lori Riker
Special Education Aide Debbie Risko
Special Education Aide Heather Sorge
Special Education Aide Gina Viespoli
Special Education Wade Chilmonik
Special Education Sandra Phillips-Ocasio
Special Education Amy Bashford  
Special Education Denise Carney  
Special Education Nancy Daniels
Special Education Colleen Speth
Special Education Gia Wood
Special Education Stephanie Godshalk
Special Education Michele Schwallie
Special Education Christine Haffling
Special Education Ryan Pfenning
Special Education Allison Kays
Special Education Sarah Ortman
Special Education Donna Luzzo
Special Education Diane Udovich
Special Education Mariden May
Special Education Kelly Johnston
Academic Support
Academic Support Tom D’Angelo
Academic Support Kathy Lang
Speech Rose Branosky
Speech JoAnna Murphy
Speech Carol Stow
Child Study Team
Child Study Team Kathleen McLane  
Child Study Team Hally Tomasheski  
Child Study Team Lauren Dalley
BCBA Josi Garcia  
OT/PT  Ms. Overhiser
OT/PT MaryAnn Huzar
OT/PT Cindy Hess
Superintendent Stephanie Snyder
Principal Nancy Yard
Supervisor of Special Education Kathryn Wilk
Business Administrator Brian McCarthy
Educational Technology Coordinator Jason Kries  
Technology/Technician John Jesiolowski
Building Manager / Custodial Staff
Building Manager Edward Pico
Custodian Brad Bidwell
Custodian Harold Harrison
Custodian Al Parenti
Custodian Justin Moyer
Custodian Alfons Mayer
Counselor Jennifer Leap
Counselor Kristen Deniz
Secretary / Clerks
Secretary (Main Office) Nancy Holzworth
Secretary(Special Services) Lori Regep
Secretary(Principal’s Office) Cindi Clifford
Secretary(Superintendent’s Office) Carmelina Delasey
Library Clerk Joyce Criss
Board Office
Payroll/Operations Carol Cole
Board Administrative Assistant Deborah Olah
Health Office
Nurse TJ Hirsch
Nurse, Part Time Lori Matthews
Cafeteria Manager Michelle Jordan