Troubleshooting Tips For Online Tools

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As you have no doubt noticed, more and more tools are becoming available for students, parents, and teachers to extend content, practice skills, and get the latest information from the district.

Here are some tips on getting the most out of these tools:

  1. Update Your System – Whether you are running Windows, Mac, or using a portable device such as a smartphone or tablet, it is important to update your system periodically.  This is generally free and is important to give you the latest security fixes and performance updates.
  2. Use anti-virus software – The internet can be a dangerous place, with new viruses, malware, and scams appearing daily.  You should always use some type of anti-virus to keep your system safe and running well.  There are a number of paid and free options available via Google Search.
  3. Use an up to date browser: Some sites just do not work well on Internet Explorer, particularly on an older computer.  If a site does not seem to be running properly, try a different browser.   You might try these free alternatives:
    1. Mozilla Firefox
    2. Google Chrome 

  4. Update your Flash Player: Update Flash Player 

  5. Update the Java plugin: Update Java 

  6. Update Adobe Reader for PDF documents: Adobe Reader Download

Performing these simple checks periodically (some computers do this on their own) will go a long way toward giving you access to the latest online tools and information.