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Info from School - 11/18/2020

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Staff, 

Thank you for your vigilance in complying with our procedures specific to the mitigation of COVID 19. While we miss our normal school routine, your cooperation during this challenging time has enabled our school to have a productive and smooth first marking period.  

As stated in a previous communication, the NJDOH releases the COVID Activity Level Report  ( every Thursday late afternoon/evening. Our region had been in the LOW range for several weeks and then intensified to the MODERATE range a few weeks ago where we remain for the week ending November 13th. Of the three metrics utilized to determine Activity Level, the case rate reached the HIGH range while the two remaining metrics remain in the MODERATE range.  

A region in the HIGH range indicates community spread and the obligation to quarantine students and staff with symptoms, who are considered probable cases, in addition to those who have been in close contact with a confirmed or probable case. For example: If a student presents with COVID  symptoms, the siblings of the student will need to quarantine as well as classmates and staff who were close contacts. The requirement to quarantine those with symptoms and those in close contact with those with symptoms may result in district closure and transition to full remote learning for a  specified period of time. Under current guidance, as a Moderate Risk community, only close contacts of confirmed cases have to quarantine. The change in exclusionary practices will significantly impact our ability to provide classroom staff coverage in the likelihood of quarantines.  

The state will release the next COVID Activity Level Report on November 19th. Hunterdon County  Superintendents together with Hunterdon County Health Department personnel will review the  Report on November 20th and determine a course of action. Please organize childcare now in the event we are required to pivot to full remote learning for an extended period of time.  

We ask that you continue to take your child’s temperature daily, complete the COVID-19 daily health screener and keep your child home if necessary. Please contact us if you have any questions.  

As always, I will share information with you when received. Please take care. 

Thank you, 

Stephanie Snyder