Using K12 Payment Center For Lunch Payments

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Holland Township School has used MealsPlus and the K12 Payment Center to serve lunches since the 2016-2017 school year.

This service allows parents to add funds to student accounts online and monitor student purchases.

If you’d like to use K12 Payment Center to add money to your student accounts or to monitor what your children are ordering each day at lunch, follow these simple steps to get started:

Register for a new K12 Payment Center Account:

Adding Students To Your Account:

You can now sign in to your account to add your student(s):

Step 1: Click Manage Students


Step 2: Click Add New Student


Step 3: Enter the information for each student, then click Save Student

If you do not know your student number, the tech office can provide this information for you (


After entering each student, they will appear on the list when you log in:


Clicking the View button will show you the recent purchase history for each student:


Adding Funds to Student Accounts:

*Students can still pay with cash in the lunchroom or deposit money by check in the main office*

Step 1: Click the Make Payment button:


Step 2: Enter the amount to add to each student account to add funds via credit card.

MealsPlus adds a $1.95 convenience fee each time funds are added. This is per payment, not per student.


You can also transfer money from one student to another:


Adding Balance Notifications

Step 1: Click Manage Profile


Step 2: Choose the minimum amount to receive notifications: